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Notes install kit

On Microsoft® Windows®, single users can use the Allclient install kit to install all three clients -- the Notes client, IBM® Lotus® Domino® Administrator client, and IBM® Lotus® Domino® Designer. Multi-user install is available on Windows, Linux®, Citrix®, and Apple® Mac OS X®. Multi-user install does not support. Customizing Notes installation. As an administrator, you can customize the Notes ® install and upgrade process for your users to install just the features that they need. For example, you can customize the install kit using MSI tuner capabilities and you can also customize the install kit to add or remove Eclipse-based features. You can customize the IBM® Lotus® Notes® install kit to add new or third-party features at install or upgrade or to remove certain supplied features from the kit prior to install or upgrade using the procedure outlined here. For an overview of the files and directories in the Notes install kit, see the topic "Eclipse files and folders.

Notes installation on Microsoft® Windows® is supported for single user or multi- user. When installing Notes in a single user environment using the Allclient installation kit, you can install or upgrade the IBM® Lotus® Domino® Designer and IBM® Lotus® Domino® Administrator clients. Note Notes installation on Linux® and. The customized Notes® install kit validation tool leverages an existing Lotus® Expeditor install kit validation tool to help administrators ensure that any customization they have done to the Notes install kit, for example adding or removing features from the and its index, are valid. Running the tool after. Notes installation on Microsoft Windows is supported for single user or multi-user. When installing Notes in a single user environment using the Allclient installation kit, you can install or upgrade the Domino Designer and Domino Administrator clients.

If you are installing Notes clients on Windows, the UpdateSiteMgr tool allows you to customize the Notes install kit by listing components available for removal, removing components, and adding components. IBM® Lotus®Notes® contains features which increase the size of the install kits when compared to the Notes basic configuration install kits. Some customer's infrastructures are not capable of efficiently handling distribution of the larger install kits and require a method by which they can reduce the size of the kit and still. Upgrading to Notes 8.x using the SURUNAS Smart Upgrade method -- Enabling Notes client single logon. The information in this post is primarily a compilation of existing information as cited. Customizing the Notes install kit to remove a supplied feature. Instructions for customizing the Notes install kit reside in the following.


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