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Develop Mobile Applications With Ionic

Ionic is the app platform for web developers. Build amazing mobile, web, and desktop apps all with one shared code base and open web standards. Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework targeted at building hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps are essentially small websites running in a browser shell in an app that have access to the native platform layer. Hybrid apps have many benefits over pure native apps, specifically in terms of platform support, speed. Creator is a drag-&-drop prototyping tool for creating great apps using Ionic, with just a click of the mouse.

Build apps with web tech you know and love. Know how to build websites? Then you already know how to build mobile apps. Ionic Framework offers the best web and native app components for building highly interactive native and progressive web apps. Multiplatform Mobile App Development with Web Technologies: Ionic and Cordova from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This course focuses on developing multiplatform mobile applications using the Web technologies (HTML5, CSS and. Learn how to build app store-ready hybrid apps with the Ionic 2, the framework built on top of Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) and Angular. This practical guide shows you how to use Ionic's tools and services to develop apps with HTML, CSS, and TypeScript, rather than rely on platform-specific solutions found in.

Chapter 1. Hybrid Mobile Apps Mobile application development is becoming one of the most important skills that a developer can possess. Over the past decade, we have seen an explosion - Selection from Mobile App Development with Ionic 2, 1st Edition [Book]. 17 May You already know that building APIs with Spring Boot is incredibly easy. But, your API isn't complete without a UI, right? Well, building UIs with Ionic is pretty easy too, especially if you know Angular! Ionic is an open source framework designed to help you build mobile applications with web technologies. 14 Jun Hybrid Apps are a promising choice in mobile app development to achieve cost- effectiveness and rapid development. Ionic has evolved as the most popular choice for Hybrid Mobile App development as it tends to match the native experience and provides robust components/tools to build apps. The Ionic.


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